Current Transformers

Numerous types of Current Transformers available: Terminal-Type Current Transformers, Window-Type Current Transformers, Bushing Current Transformers (Bushing CT), Current Transformers, Protection-Type Current Transformers, Zero-Phase Current Transformers, and Split-Core Current Transformers, etc.

Widely used internationally in revenue and switchboard applications by engineering, construction, and power companies, APSC Current Transformers are the result of over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, combined with technology transferred from Messwandler-Bau (MWB) of Germany.

The primary insulation material for APSC's current transformers is the Araldite® epoxy resin, known for its reliability. The outdoor models make use of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, similarly to ensure high-quality insulation.

APSC's current transformers, including OEM/ODM products, are type-tested and routine-tested by APSC-owned, TAF-accredited Advanced Electricity Laboratory (TAF, or Taiwan Accreditation Foundation, is a member of ILAC and a signatory to the ILAC MRA).