20kV Epoxy-Cast Current Transformers for Indoor Application

Medium-Voltage Current Transformers (10~25 kV)


About the Product

These indoor-use, epoxy-cast current transformers for 20~24kV power systems are designed to be used with energy meters or protective relays. Available in single-core, two-core, and three-core models, these CTs can be custom-made to meet various specification requirements (e.g. burden and accuracy) and electrical standards (e.g. IEC, IEEE). Special designs and features may also be requested. Insulated with Araldite® epoxy resin, these products are characterized by a high level of moisture resistance, electrical performance, and mechanical strength. These general-use current transformers have been distributed to various countries for 30 years and have consistently met with outstanding customer satisfaction.


Selection Table

Please refer to the selection table below for the most commonly requested specifications (other specifications are available upon request).



20kV Epoxy-Cast Current Transformer for Indoor Use

Easy-to-print document, containing product description, pictures, various models and frequently requested specifications.

CT & PT Selection Guide: How to Choose a Current Transformer or Potential Transformer

How to select, based on application and power system attributes, the primary and secondary currents, burden, accuracy, rated frequency, type (indoor vs. outdoor), insulation material, etc.