20kV Multi-Ratio Current Transformers (Single-Core & Two-Core Options)

Medium-Voltage Current Transformers (10~25 kV)


About the Product

Designed to be installed in a switchgear panel of a 25 kV (max.) power system, these current transformers can be used in conjunction with measuring or monitoring instruments, or with protective relays. The insulation material for the core and the secondary coil is Araldite® epoxy resin. The window-type design facilitates installation and wiring with a busbar or insulated cables, decreasing the occurrence rate of contact point failure. With excellent insulation and a high degree of moisture resistance, the CR-20S Series current transformers can perform in locations of high humidity or moderate pollution. These lightweight and economic CTs are quick and easy to install.


  • Standards: IEC or IEEE*
  • Indoor application; window-type design
  • System Voltage: ≤ 25 kV
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • AC/BIL: 50/125 kV
  • Single-ratio and multi-ratio types
  • 2-core options available
  • Ith = Max 43.3kA/1S

Selection Table*

* Other standards and specifications available.


Available Models

CR-20S-90A, CR-20S-130A



20kV Current Transformers – CR-20S Series

Easy-to-print document, containing product description, specifications, and a selection table.

CT & PT Selection Guide: How to Choose a Current Transformer or Potential Transformer

How to select, based on application and power system attributes, the primary and secondary currents, burden, accuracy, rated frequency, type (indoor vs. outdoor), insulation material, etc.