20kV Two-Core Current Transformer (“U-Shaped Top” Design)

Medium-Voltage Current Transformers (10~25 kV)


About the Product

This two-core current transformer is designed for a 20~24 kV power system and to be used in conjunction with measuring or monitoring instruments, along with protective relays. Insulated with Araldite® epoxy, this indoor-use current transformer is designed with a “U-shaped top”, which creates distance between the primary terminals and other equipment. This design increases electrical safety and shortens the necessary distance between two current transformers that are installed side-by-side, thus reducing the required width of the switchgear panel.

Product Features

  • For indoor application
  • Cast in Araldite® epoxy resin
  • Standards: IEC or IEEE
  • System Voltage: ≦ 24kV
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • AC/BIL: 50/125 kV
  • Benefits: Increased electrical safety; reducing the width of the switchgear panel
  • Additional specification or customization may be requested to comply with various electrical standards or special requirements.

Selection Table


Primary Current

Secondary Current

Burden / Accuracy

Approx. WeightNum.

Core 1

Core 2



5A or 1A

5A or 1A

30VA/5P20 + 30(15)VA/1.0(0.2)


25 kg




20kV Two-Core Current Transformer (“U-Shaped Top” Design) – Model: EWF-20DI

Easy-to-print document, containing product description, specifications, and a selection table.

CT & PT Selection Guide: How to Choose a Current Transformer or Potential Transformer

How to select, based on application and power system attributes, the primary and secondary currents, burden, accuracy, rated frequency, type (indoor vs. outdoor), insulation material, etc.