Bushing Current Transformers for 23kV C-GIS

Low-Voltage Current Transformers (0.72 kV max.)

EO1M6, EO1M20, EO1M150

About the Product

Widely used by public utilities and private sectors, these epoxy-cast multi-ratio bushing current transformers (BCTs, or bushing CTs) are typically installed in 23 kV C-GIS (cubicle-type gas-insulated switchgear) for use with measuring or monitoring instruments, or protective relays. Insulated with Araldite® epoxy resin, these products are characterized by superior moisture resistance, excellent electrical performance, and high mechanical properties.


  • Standards: IEC or IEEE
  • Indoor application
  • Cast in Araldite® epoxy resin
  • Multi-Ratio Bushing CTs (BCTs) / Window-type current transformers
  • Designed for 23 kV C-GIS
  • Insulation Level: 0.72 kV
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • AC/BIL: 4/10 kV
  • Other standards and specifications available upon request


Selection Table

ModelCurrent Ratios (Multi-Ratio*)Accuracy/BurdenApprox. Weight(kg)Window Diameter(mm)Design
EO1M150600-500-450-400-300-250-200-150-100-50 / 5Ac100 or 0.3 B-0.9 (600/5A)16150Fig.1
EO1M6600-500-450-400-300-250-200-150-100-50 /5Ac100 or 0.3 B-0.9 (600/5A)16130Fig.2
EO1M202000-1600-1500-1200-1100-800-500-400-300 / 5Ac100 or 0.3 B-0.9 (2000/5A)10.5130


* Current ratios according to IEEE C57.13



Bushing-Type Current Transformers for 23kV C-GIS

Easy-to-print document, containing product description, specifications, and a selection table.

CT & PT Selection Guide: How to Choose a Current Transformer or Potential Transformer

How to select, based on application and power system attributes, the primary and secondary currents, burden, accuracy, rated frequency, type (indoor vs. outdoor), insulation material, etc.