Fuse Cutout 10~15kV



About the Product

Drop-out fuse cutout and load switch fuse cutout are for outdoor high voltage protection application. It installs at high voltage side of distribution transformers or transmission lines. Main function is used for transformer short circuit, overload protection, divide and close load current. The drop-out fuse cut out is composed of an insulated bracket and a fuse tube. The static contacts are installed at both ends of the insulated bracket, and the moving contacts are installed at both ends of the fuse tube. The fuse tube is composed of an inner arc suppression tube and an outer layer designs with epoxy glass tube composition.

TypeRated VoltageRated CurrentBreaking CurrentImpulsive Voltage Bil(KV)Power Frequency Withstand Voltage(KV)Creepage Distance(MM)Weight(KG)Dimension(CM)