Indoor Low-Voltage Single-Phase Potential Transformers

Low-Voltage Potential Transformers (0.72 kV max.)


About the Product

S-N Series low-voltage single-phase potential transformers, intended for usage in indoor locations of lower humidity, are insulated with a Class-A insulation material. These PTs can be used in conjuction with measuring or monitoring instruments, or as an auxiliary power source in the main panel or motor control panel.

Product Features

  • Standard: IEC, CNS, or IEEE
  • Suited to locations with lower humidity
  • Economical, compact and easy to install
  • Terminal covers included for prevention against electrical shock


Selection Table*

* Other standards and specifications available.
** If burden rating > 500VA, the PT can be used as an auxiliary power source (accuracy N/A)


Available Models

S-5N, S-6N, S-7N, S-8N, S-9N, S-10N, S-11N, S-12N