Low-Voltage Resin-Insulated Current Transformers for Indoor Use (Window-Type)

Low-Voltage Current Transformers (0.72 kV max.)


About the Product

EOS-RN Series
Low-voltage window-type current transformers EOS-RN Series are resin-insulated instrument transformers designed to be used in indoor settings. In an EOS-RN current transformer, the window is sized at 33, 38, 60, 90, or 120 m/mψ. On the primary side, wiring can be done with a busbar or with insulated wire. The specifications of the EOS-RN Series allow a Primary Current of 100A~3200A and offer a Burden and Accuracy of 15~30VA/1.0CL. When used for billing purposes, and if the Primary Current is above 200A, the EOS-RN Series Current Transformers offer a Burden and Accuracy of 5~30VA/0.5CL. (however, if the Primary Current is under 100A, it is necessary to adjust the number of primary turns). Each of the EOS-RN Series Current Transformers comes with a sealable terminal cover for its secondary side. Fixed with a metal base and featuring a fine exterior, these compact-sized current transformers are characterized by their excellent physical and electrical properties.
EOS-RM Series
Sharing similar specifications with the EOS-RN Series (please refer to Selection Table), the EOS-RM Series Current Transformers are compact in size and economically priced.

Common Specifications

  • Standard: IEC or IEEE
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Rated Voltage: up to 0.72 kV
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • AC/BIL: 3/- kV
  • Ith = 40 In/1S

Selection Table

Current (A)
Current (A)
Burden and Accuracy
(Standard: IEC)
Weight (kg)
EOS-33RN100 ~ 1505 or 115VA/1.0CL1.9
200 ~ 30030(15)VA/1.0(0.5)CL
EOS-38RN200 ~ 30015VA/1.0CL1.2
350 ~ 50030(15)VA/1.0(0.5)CL
EOS-60RN500 ~ 70030(15)VA/1.0(0.5)CL1.4
EOS-90RN800 ~ 12001.7
EOS-120RN1500 ~ 32002.2
EOS-33RM100 ~ 1505VA/1.0CL0.9
200 ~ 30015VA/1.0CL0.9
EOS-60RM400 ~ 8001.1


Note: Other specifications available upon request.


Resin-Insulated LV Current Transformers (Window-Type, Indoor Model) – EOS-RN / EOS-RM Series

Easy-to-print document, containing product description, specifications, and a selection table.

CT & PT Selection Guide: How to Choose a Current Transformer or Potential Transformer

How to select, based on application and power system attributes, the primary and secondary currents, burden, accuracy, rated frequency, type (indoor vs. outdoor), insulation material, etc.