Medium Voltage Distribution Arresters

WLAR Series

About the Product

Medium-Voltage Distribution Arresters protect electrical equipment in the case of a voltage surge. A voltage surge can be caused by various factors, such as: (1) direct lightning strikes on overhead lines; (2) induction lightning in the vicinity of the overhead lines; (3) switch-on and switch-off operations on the feeder circuit; (4) a fault in the distribution circuit. In addition to protecting the equipment of utility companies or end users, distribution arresters also prevent more serious damage or injury.


Cautions on Installation

  1. The installation spot for the arrester should be as close as possible to the equipment for which protection is intended.
  2. The length of the ground lead should be as short as possible, and the ground resistance should be as low as possible. The diameter of the ground lead should be adapted to the nominal discharge current of the arrester.
  3. The lead wire should be kept straight, not looped.


Catalog NumberWLAR-1010 / WLAR-1210WLAR-2410WLAR-3310
StandardIEC 60099-4IEC 60099-4IEC 60099-4
Rated Voltage (kV)10 / 122433
Continuous Operating Voltage (kV)8.5 / 10.219.529.8
Nominal Discharge Current (kA)101010
Leakage Distance (mm)4657001120

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