Non-Ventilated Resin-Cast Transformers


About the Product

In 1992, CIC became the first manufacturer in Taiwan to successfully produce a non-ventilated low-voltage transformer. This was done by placing the transformer in a metal enclosure, followed by insulation with an epoxy resin mixture. The heat dissipation afforded by the solidified epoxy resin mixture and by the surface area of the metal enclosure allowed the transformer to be compact. These transformers also had a reduced noise level and could be installed in a number of different ways. The fire-resistant design further enabled these products to widely replace the oil-immersed transformers and tape-insulated dry-type transformers that were frequently used in large buildings and shopping centers at the time. The non-ventilated LV transformers have since been enhanced with new features, including temperature monitoring and overload protection, and have become even more widely adopted.

Product Features

  • Self-extinguishing.
  • Surge arrester to protect against lightning.
  • Low-noise.
  • Moisture-resistant.
  • Able to withstand acid and alkali.
  • Double windings.
  • Durable casing to guard against electric shock.
  • An additional device can be installed: an on-line (wired) temperature monitoring device, an off-line (wireless) temperature monitoring device, or a dual-purpose device for both surge protection and temperature monitoring.


TypePhase / FrequencyRated VoltageCapacityConnectionCoolingNoise
ET3 phase
50 or 60 Hz
220, 380 or 480V110, 190 or 120-208 V3 ~ 50 kVAΔ-Y
AA3-30kVA / (≦)40db