Nuovolt Potential Transformers for Billing Outdoor Type 12~36kV

Medium-Voltage Potential Transformers (10~36 kV)


About the Product

Designed to be part of a MOF (Metering Outfit ) for billing purposes, the VPF Series potential transformers are insulated with Araldite® UV-resistant cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, enabling these outdoor products to withstand long-term exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation, salt fog, high temperature, high humidity, as well as other harsh environmental conditions.

The choice of numerous power companies, these potential transformers have been subjected to tough outdoor conditions for more than 20 years while continuing to perform with stable quality. High in customer satisfaction, the VPF Series potential transformers are manufactured under exact procedures and stringent quality control, thus ensuring product reliability and great service life.

Product Features and Selection Table

  • For outdoor MOF (Metering Outfit)
  • Standard: IEC or IEEE*
  • Maximum System Voltage: 15.5~36.5 kV
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

*Other Standards or specifications available.
**Model VPF-30S designed for highly polluted conditions.


Available Models

VPF-10AE, VPF-10A, VPF-12E, VPF-12, VPF-24E, VPF-24, VPF-30S