Potential Transformer for 20kV 4-Way Switchgear (Circuit Breaker Operation Power Source)

Medium-Voltage Potential Transformers (10~25 kV)


About the Product

Specifically designed for 24kV 4-way switchgear, this medium-voltage single-pole potential transformer features a high-voltage elbow-type connector on the primary side and a built-in high-voltage fuse for protection. Since the exterior of the potential transformer is coated with a metal conductive mixture for shielding, the necessary distance between the PT and the panels (or other equipment) is reduced. As the secondary side of the PT is sealed and waterproof, the PT can continue to function even after prolonged immersion in water (in the case of water accumulation on the street). With Araldite® epoxy resin as insulation, this MV potential transformer provides excellent water resistance, superior electrical performance, great reliability, while being lightweight and compact.


  • Indoor usage
  • epoxy resin-cast (Araldite® epoxy resin)
  • Standard: IEC
  • Primary Voltage Rating: 13200 V (24/√3 kV)
  • Secondary Voltage Rating (Dual-Voltage): 220/110 V
  • Rated Insulation Level: 24 kV
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • AC/BIL: 50/125 KV
  • Burden/Accuracy : 600VA/3.0CL
  • Approx. Weight: 43 kg
  • Built-in fuse on primary circuit
  • Metal conductive coating for shielding
  • Other standards and specifications available