Single-Pole Potential Transformers (or Three-Phase PT + GPT)

Medium-Voltage Potential Transformers (10~36 kV)

About the Product

Cast in Araldite® epoxy resin and designed for 12/24/36 kV power systems, these single-pole potential transformers are self-extinguishing and are characterized by their superior insulation and excellent moisture resistance. These PTs can be used with measuring or monitoring instruments for power system analysis and monitoring; alternatively, they can be paired with protective relays to maintain system safety during power supply.

For models EPF-20SL and EPF-30DE, optional accessories are offered, which include an elbow-type connector (for the primary side) and a tubular epoxy housing, which contains a built-in primary fuse. The tubular epoxy housing may be attached to the PT through the elbow-type connector. This option helps to enhance safety of operation, allow easier repair, and reduce the size of the switchgear panel.

Model EPF-20SL provides a rated thermal burden of 1000VA (maximum) and can be used as a power source for circuit breaker operation.

Product Features and Selection Table

  • Indoor usage; cast in Araldite® epoxy resin for superior insulation
  • Standard: IEC or IEEE*
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • EPF-20SL and EPF-30DE only: (Option) Elbow-type connector and tubular epoxy housing with a built-in primary fuse
  • GPT Functionality: Connect three potential transformers from this series through a Y-Y-open△ connection for the combined functionality of a three-phase PT and a grounding potential transformer (3ϕ PT + GPT).

*Other Standards or specifications available.
**This model can be used as a circuit breaker operation power source due to its rated thermal burden of 1000VA (max.).


Available Models

EPF-10CE, EPF-10DE, EPF-20SK, EPF-20SL, EPF-20SL with Fuse, EPF-30DE, EPF-30DE with Fuse