Surge Protection Device for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems


About the Product

After the release of WSP-B+C Series and UL-certified WSP-B+ Series SPDs for low-voltage power systems, CIC introduces the new WSP-PV40 model, a modular surge protection device for solar power generation systems. Besides the specifications listed below, this product shares some of the features of the WSP-B+C and WSP-B+ Series, including the easy plug-in and plug-out ability, Din-Rail fast installation, a fault-indicator window, and an optional built-in FS (remote monitoring) function. This product likewise offers excellent protection and high reliability.

Product Features

  • Plug-type modular model
  • DIN-rail installation
  • For solar power generation systems
  • Metal oxide varistor (MOV) components
  • Built-in thermal isolator
  • Fault-indicator window
  • Full conformity with IEC 61643.31
  • (optional) Built-in FS function for remote monitoring




Surge Protection Device for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems – Model WSP-PV40

Easy-to-print document, containing product description, features, detailed specifications, an internal wiring diagram, and dimensions.

Surge Protection Devices for Low-Voltage Power Systems (Brochure)

Including modular models, unibody models capable of discharging large currents, and optional monitors. Featuring UL-Certified New Products.