Surge Protection Device (Module Type)


About the Product

In order to be compatible with power automation, precision controls, remote controls and electrical system monitoring, a great deal of electronic devices are now being installed indoors.

Surge, which may be caused by lighting, lightning strike, circuit breakdown or on-off operations may easily damage equipment or even threaten personal safety. To prevent surge damage, surge protection devices are installed.

WII Surge Protection Devices (SPD) can be divided into two categories; module combination type providing lightning warning and remote monitoring control devices with alarms; and integrally molded type, which are designed to release intense current.

Our metal oxide varistor (MOV) and the anti-fire enclosure of the module combination type are UL approved and certified. The enclosure of the integrally molded type is made of self-extinguishing resin, which enhances its safety.

Model Number Explanation

WSP – X / Y + Z
X = Type of Protection (B+C or C)
Y = Number of Modules (1 – 4)
Z = Equipotential Isolation Protection Device: NPE and/or Modular Monitor (FS or AS)

FS Signal Monitor Device

If damage occurs to a remote surge protection device and is not detected, an FS signal monitor device will transmit to a central control room, altering an operation of possible problems.
CIC’s FS device can be combined with B+C or C type surge protections devices to alert technicians that a surge protection device may need to be replaced by way of mechanical linkage to a central control room via NC (normal close) or NO (normal open) action.

AS Sound Monitor Device

Our AS sound monitor device can be combined with B+C or C type surge protection devices as a finished product suitable for locations not easily visible. In case a surge protection device is damaged, the AS will emit a high frequency sound complimented by an LED light to attract attention.
The alarm may sound for up to 24 hours. Once the module has been replaced, a green LED will signal that the surge protection device has been returned to normal function.



  • Applications: Building installs with lightning-protection devices or overhead voltage incoming main panel.
  • Protection Devices: Nonlinear zinc oxide metal oxide varistor & Heat isolator.


  • Applications: Building does not install with lightning-protection devices, underground panel incoming main voltage or any other sub-panel.
  • Protection Devices: Nonlinear zinc oxide metal oxide varistor & Motive power & Heat isolator.


  • Applications: Between two earthing systems.
  • NPE Protection Devices: Spark gap.


Switch VoltageU (AC)≦ 250 V 
Switch CurrentI (AC)6 A 
Contact SymbolNC1-3 
Operating VoltageUN (AC) 110V or 220V / 50, 60HZ
Maximum Continuous Operating VoltageUC (AC) 250 V
Rated CurrentIL (AC) 40 mA
Output Wire Dimension ≦ 2.5 m㎡
Installation 35mm


Maximum Continuous Operating VoltageUc V(AC)150280385150280385550255
Protection LevelVDE 0675
IEC 61643-1
Class I+II
Class II
Lighting Protection Zone0 -> 11 -> 2
Peak Current (10/350)μSIimp (kA)87.57.5
Rated Leakage Current (8/20)μSIn (kA)302025
Maximum Leakage Current (8/20)μSImax (kA)* 504050
Numbers of Module Combination (n x Imax) kAn x 50n x 40
Voltage Protection LevelUp (kV)< 1.5
at 1 kA< 0.45< 0.8< 1.0< 0.5< 0.9< 1.2< 1.7
at 5kA< 0.5< 0.9< 1.2< 0.65< 1.1< 1.5< 2.1
at In< 0.6< 1.1< 1.5< 0.7< 1.4< 1.8< 2.5
Reaction TimetA (ns)< 25< 25< 100
Temperature Rangeν (°C)-40 ~ +80
Protection LevelIP20
Current Value at UcIf (mA)1

* Note: Other specification upon request.
* WSP-B+C/n, Imax can be 60 / 65 kA, can be customized upon request.



Surge Protection Devices for Low-Voltage Power Systems (Brochure)

Including modular models, unibody models capable of discharging large currents, and optional monitors. Featuring UL-Certified New Products.